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Palm Beach Shores Resort & Villas
Singer Island, Florida

Guanabanas Island Restaurant & Bar
Jupiter, Florida

Carve Surf and Coffee
Tequesta, Florida

TideHouse Restaurant
Stuart, Florida

Blue Heron Fishing Fleet
Jupiter / Riviera Beach, Florida

Modern Juice Company
Jupiter / Stuart, Florida

“We love our new website and what it does for our business revenue.”


Sherry S.

GM, Palm Beach Shores Resort

Why Should You Pay Attention?

“94% of people judge a company’s credibility by the quality of their website design.” Yikes.

Source: Harvard Business Study

Guaranteed Reliability and Performance

Every single site we build comes with the following – STANDARD:

Built with the Best Tools

Lightning Fast Loading Speeds

Gorgeous Mobile Responsive Design

SEO Optimized

Air Tight Security & Encryption

100% Ownership Transfer

Peace of Mind Ongoing Management

First-class Support

How Do You Know We’re For Real?

Since 2009, hundreds of businesses in South Florida rely on us to build, manage, and grow their websites.

At Surf the Web designs, we create professional-grade websites for small to large businesses. No matter how simple or complex your project is, we can build a professional solution that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Our award-winning website designs rank highly in search engine listing results. Website Design, Mobile Web Designs, and E-commerce websites are our specialties, but our client service is where we really shine.

We also provide a variety of online advertising and SEO marketing services in addition to Mobile & Responsive Web Design and are the leaders of Web Design in Palm Beach and Martin County.

Dry Pro Water Fire Mold
Tequesta, Florida

AMS Palm Beach
West Palm Beach, Florida

Rainbow Spectrum Janitorial
Jupiter, Florida

Ross Yacht
North Palm Beach, Florida

VanderWaal Realty
Tequesta, Florida

Chasin a Dream
Juno Beach, Florida

Ready To Get Started?

Select one of our three simple pricing tiers and get started right away.

Which is Right For Me?

Our most affordable ‘Pro’ option comes standard with every fundamental feature a professional business website should have. The ‘Plus’ option provides the absolute best value for the price point. Market leaders (and aspiring market leaders) typically prefer the ‘Leader’ option because they cannot afford to have anything less than the best.

Website Features Pro Plus Market Leader
Fast Loading Speed
Mobile Responsive Design
SEO Optimized
SSL Encryption
100% Ownership Transfer
Premium Tools & Frameworks
Private Administration Dashboard
Custom Home Page Mockup
Custom Landing Screen Design Simple Moderate Advanced
Custom Inner Page Layout Mockups Simple 2 5
Custom Mobile Navigation Simple Moderate Advanced
UX and Behavioral Flow Design SimpleModerateAdvanced
Web Analytics Setup SimpleModerateAdvanced
Number of PagesUp to 10Up to 50Up to 100
eCommerce FunctionalitySimpleModerateAdvanced
Competitor AnalysisSimpleModerateAdvanced
Custom Impact HeadlineSimple ModerateAdvanced
Premium Web Hosting
SSL Encryption
Airtight Security & Best Practices
Software Updates Daily Daily Daily
Critical Security PatchesImmediate Immediate Immediate
Website BackupsMonthlyWeeklyDaily
Performance MonitoringMonthlyWeeklyDaily
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Virus & Malware ScanningMonthlyWeeklyDaily
Administrative Updates (Monthly, perishable)1 hour2 hours4 hours
Structural Updates (Monthly, perishable) Bid Separately Bid Separately 2 Hours
First Class SupportBusiness Hours Business Hours Seven Days

“Our new website is everything we could have hoped for.”


Cate & Kim

Owners, Carve Surf & Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most common questions we receive.

Do you use templates?


Templates lock you into certain layouts and we’ve never seen a template that fits a unique business’ needs out of the box.

Additionally, templates are often not updated or forward compatible after they are originally released which can cause serious security and functionality issues down the line.

We customize premium frameworks.

Every website we build starts out as a sketch on paper, then transitions to high fidelity mockups, and then we code the site to match the mockups.

Can we make changes to the website?


The sites we build have easy-to-use admin panels. If you can use Google Docs or Microsoft Word (for example) you will be able to make changes to things like text and pictures, add blog posts, etc.

Advanced updates and structural layout changes may require coding knowledge, but we can help with that.

Do we have to do the ongoing management?


Every website we build requires monthly management plans – unless you have a professional in-house webmaster who will take on the responsibility of maintaining your website.

Can we host our site elsewhere?


*Note: This will not impact our monthly management pricing bundle.

The overall perception of ‘web hosting’ has taken a massive hit due to many low costs and spammy hosting services.

Low-cost providers stuff thousands of websites onto each server which can often cause a myriad of serious issues.

The fact is that quality web hosting is a key ingredient to loading speed, security, getting the most out of your quality site, and even your search rankings.

We’ll review the pros and cons of other hosting providers with you and make recommendations to make sure you’re comfortable with the decision.

Do you code complex custom databases?


Custom coding complex databases require a team of specialists specific to the programming language that is best suited to your project. This currently isn’t something we are requested to do often enough to keep such teams busy.

Will I own my website?


Many low-cost and even some higher-cost providers essentially lease you your website in an effort to keep you contractually locked into using their services and add-ons. When you try to go somewhere else, you have to start over from scratch.

We do no such thing. 100% ownership transfers to you when the project balance is satisfied. If you ever choose to take your services elsewhere, not only will the new firm be able to easily work with your site, we promise to make sure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible from our side.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and checks.

Will you barter your services for a stake?


We may, however, make decisions on a case-by-case basis depending on, among other things, your leadership’s business savvy and track record of success.

“We are very happy we choose your company. You took initiative and got the job done right.”


Dan Ross

Owner, Ross Yacht Management

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